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Marble and Granite

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What is Granite?

  • Granite is a tough, durable rock composed primarily of three different minerals.
  • These minerals are easy to see due to their different colors.
  • The white mineral grains found in granite are feldspar.
  • It is the most abundant mineral found in granite.
  • The light gray, glass-like grains are quartz, and the black, flake-like grains are biotite or black mica.

Quality Granite!

  • The Stone Industry recognizes granite as one of the hardest of all-natural stones.
  • Granite has been a stone of choice for public and private memorials as well as countless commercial uses for almost 200 years.

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There are different quality levels of stone (granite); some have (A LOWER QUALITY) a higher level of impurities, such as iron ore, which can actually RUST, over time, and cause a stone to discolor!

Other lower quality stones can have large streaks or spots, and others can have small fissures (internal), which can show years later!


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