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Monuments Markers Mausoleum Crypts



Rainbow Marble


Rainbow Marble Bench

Tropical Green Marble

Tropical    Green

Tropical Green Marble Headstone

    Silver  Cloud

Silver Cloud Marble

Silver Cloud Marble Headstone

Monarch / Salisbury Pink     Salisbury    Pink

   Imperial Rose 

 Imperial  Rose

Imperial Rose Headstone

Northern Pink           Morning Rose

Northern Pink Headstone

  Sierra  White

        India Red    India  Red

India Red Headstone

Canadian GreenCanadian Green

Canadian Green Headstone

Dakota MahoganyDakota Mahogany

Dakota Mahogany Headstone

      India Blue Pearl            Blue   Pearl

Blue Pearl Headstone

    Wausau Red       Mountain  Red

Wausau Red Headstone

Starlight Mist Starlight Mist

Starlight Mist Granite Headstone


  Sierra   Red

Sierra Red Headstone

Celestial BlackCelestial  Black

Celestial Black Headstone

Colorado Red

Colorado   Red

Colorado Red Headstone

Jet Black

Jet  Black

Jet Black Carved White Cross Headstone

   Coral  Blue

Coral Blue Carved Floral Headstone

Volga Blue    Volga  Blue

Volga Blue Granite Staircase

           White Marble                Marble

White Marble Headstone

Bahama Blue                 Bahama      Blue

Bahama Blue Granite Headstone

Mountain WhiteRockville  White

Autumn Rose

Jet Black with Bronze

Dynasty Full Cross Collection

Rockville  Granite w/  Bronze  Cross      Click Any Pic for Bronze Memorials

Kyle S. Bryan Single Portrait

Oval Top Ledger Rose Trellis

Ledger Liberatore

Ledger Ivy Vine Angel

Girl Posing Stone

Girl Sitting Stone

Kids Under Umbrella Stone

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Kids on a Bench Stone

Arbor Girls Stone

Sisters on a Bench Stone

Tennis Player

Sun Bathing Lady Stone

Up the Wrong Tree Stone

Ballerina Stone

Pledge 2 self

G. Skylarr Allen Memorial

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For Mausoleums

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“Bennett“ Bench

Import Bench    (  clic  to view  with  Curb appeal   )

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 Custom Stone werks, Katy, Tx.

Vases for Florals

price change 01-01-2024

Floral Vase

Floral Vases

Floral Vases 2

Floral Vases 3

Includes Placement at Cemetery

Hold on to the Memory Brochure

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Die = Top • Base = Bottom • P2 = Polish Front & Back • P3 = Top, Front, & Back • P5 = All Polished

The  Ashford & Oliver Mortuary

The  Ashford & Oliver Mortuary

The  Ashford & Oliver Mortuary

The  Ashford & Oliver Mortuary

The  Ashford & Oliver Mortuary

Flat Markers are 4" thick, and Hickey markers are 6" at top

Rafferty, Swift, Stauffer, and Callahan have an optional vase hole; The Vase is an optional purchase. Kingsley has optional Metal Vase, as shown.

The  Ashford & Oliver Mortuary

Journey's Remembered Markers

Journey's Remembered Markers

JR's Slant Markers

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JR's Flat Markers

< Single Name Flat Markers 

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Slants Pre-2010
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JR's Hickey / Bevel Markers

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JR's Double Name Flat Markers

< Double / Triple Name FLAT Markers

Journeys Remembered
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